Create and support projects that transform urban life.

Do you know someone

What if you knew a few more Someones?

Would you consider launching into a visionary urban venture, especially if those Someones paid you to? And supported you along the way?

Welcome to SOUP, a convening platform for transforming early-stage ideas into collaborative urban ventures.


Cities the world around are facing complex urban problems that are best tackled with the goodwill and strategic power of diverse stakeholders, big and small.

SOUP is an ambitious experiment to bring the wisdom and the backing of the crowd to support emerging ventures.

Here’s how SOUP works:

  • Connector.


    The SOUP roadmap helps you harness your project’s value to society, engaging an active and invested crowd of collaborators and backers.

  • Connector.


    SOUP shows you how to craft game-changing face-to-face collaboration experiences that revolutionise engagement and reinforce the power of the network.

  • Connector.


    SOUP gives you to the tools to generate and launch urban ventures as the engines of community collaboration and concrete outcomes to lead change.


“Urban Ventures are highly leveraged, network-incentivised projects that use the power of urbanism — agglomeration, place, community, co-location, diversity, culture — to solve the very problems that cities perpetuate.”Joanne Jakovich, SOUP Founder